Reaching water security through cooperation

Water is an essential resource for mankind and our ecosystems. Free Flow is a fully illustrated book with over 100 authors’ work on water management and cooperation at international, regional, national, municipal and local levels. Their commentaries draw upon experiences around the world, reflecting how people are changing their interaction with water to improve sustainable development. The publication reflects progresses and challenges in these fields, highlighting good practices in a wide variety of societies and disciplines.

The book strives to project experiences into future actions and encourages further institutional commitments to better understanding of and more effective management of water cooperation in order to achieve sustainable development. It bears testimony to the collective commitment to foster a lasting culture of cooperation among water practitioners, scientists and policymakers.

International year

UNESCO coordinates the 2013 International Year of Water Cooperation, placing the organisation at the forefront of a global partnership for water security. This draws on UNESCO’s long-standing experience in cross-sectoral approaches to building water cooperation and a unique ‘water family’ including UNESCO water-related centres, university chairs and global networks. With their partners in UN-Water, the organisation is reaching out to civil society and the private sector to foster scientific and technical collaboration, to raise awareness, to develop capacities and to share good practices.