Publication on Water Governance released in water-related UNESCO Series

How is water governance evolving at different levels of governance and what are the implications for principles of good governance such as equity, legitimacy, efficiency, transparency and accountability? The publication ‘Principles of good governance at different water governance levels’ addresses these issues. It is based on the workshop on Water and Governance.


  • Introduction;
  • An essay on global water governance and research challenges by Joyeeta Gupta;
  • The (Changing) Role of National Government in Multilevel (Water) Governance by Theo Toonen;
  • The governance of large dams – a new research area by Jill Slinger, Leon Hermans, Joyeeta Gupta, Pieter van der Zaag, Rhodante Ahlers and Erik Mostert;
  • Governance capacities for adaptive water management by Bert Satijn and Wilfried ten Brinke;
  • Perspectives on water governance – Synthesis and conclusions by Geert Teisman and Leon Hermans;
  • Biographies.