New publication released in water-related UNESCO series

The Netherlands National Committee IHP-HWRP, together with the Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO, has published a new (fourth) publication in their series of water-related UNESCO publications: ‘Green growth and water allocation’. Edited by Sophie Primot, Michael van der Valk and Penelope Keenan, the publication contains contributions from many of the speakers of a 2-day workshop held in November 2012 in Wageningen on how to allocate water more adequately for a sustainable world economy.


  • Foreword, by Blanca Elena Jiménez Cisneros
  • Preface, by Robert Zeldenrust
  • Water allocation and green growth – Summary of the meeting, by Marguerite de Chaisemartin, Karin Thomas, Sophie Primot and Michael van der Valk
  • Position paper for the international workshop on Water Allocation and Green Growth, by Petra Hellegers
  • ABCDE – A framework for thinking about water resources management, by Chris Perry
  • Reallocating water for the environment in the Murray-Darling Basin of Australia – Current concerns, practices and remaining questions, by Brian Davidson and Hector Malano
  • Implications of international water law for water allocations and transboundary agreements, by Annukka Lipponen
  • Allocating scarce water – Why traditional approaches need to evolve, by Daniel Zimmer
  • IMAGE – A tool for exploring the effects of water allocation and green growth strategies, by Willem Ligtvoet, Hester Biemans, Elke Stehfest, Tom Kram, Lex Bouwman, Arno Bouwman, Johan Brons
  • Water and green growth in Republic of Korea, by Tae-Sun, Shin
  • Preparing for an uncertain future through option analysis – The case of the Roode Vaart, by C.G. van Rhee
  • Water allocation in 2050 – Tools and examples, by Peter Droogers, Walter W. Immerzeel, Wilco Terink, Johannes E. Hunink and Godert W.J. van Lynden
  • The test of time – Finding resilience across climate boundaries, by John Matthews
  • Economists owe ecology an apology, by David Zetland
  • Things heard in Wageningen, by Xavier Leflaive