First publication released in new water-related UNESCO series

All speakers at the colloquium on ‘The right to water and water rights in a changing world’ – 22 September 2010 in Delft, the Netherlands – have written a chapter in this new and compelling publication on how to address global and climate change when dealing with water rights and the right to water.


  • The right to water and water rights in a changing world by Marguerite de Chaisemartin, Charlotte Herman and Michael van der Valk;
  • Environmental protection and access to water: the challenges ahead by Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Christina Leb and Mara Tignino;
  • Climate change adaptation in Mozambique by Luís Artur and Dorothea Hilhorst;
  • The current status of the human right to water by Joyeeta Gupta;
  • Sharing water – A necessity for peace in a changing world by Greg Hobbs, Alison Flint and Christie Henke;
  • What role can law play in safeguarding the right to water? by Bas ter Haar;
  • “I drink your milkshake!”: A short essay about water troubles and the promise of international law coming to the rescue by Juan M. Amaya-Castro;
  • Can international law play a role in safeguarding the security of water supply in a changing world, and if so, how?: Concluding remarks by Marius Enthoven
(Foto: CC / Sergiu Bacioiu)

UNESCO stelt zich ten doel duurzame oplossingen te realiseren voor watergerelateerde problemen die veroorzaakt worden door klimaatverandering. De Commissie draagt hieraan bij door met een reeks activiteiten de visie op watervraagstukken te verbreden van vooral techn(olog)isch en natuurwetenschappelijk naar sociaalwetenschappelijk en maatschappelijk perspectief.

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