Doe mee aan de Dag voor culturele diversiteit en dialoog (21 mei)

Een uitnodiging voor alle leerlingen van UNESCO-scholen (en andere belangstellende jongeren) om mee te doen aan de UNESCO World day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development:

We are looking for 15 motivated and engaged young people to join us to participate in an exciting conference day in the Hague on May 21.

* Do you care about the challenges and opportunities associated with diversity both at home and abroad?
* Do you want to be inspired by impressive individuals committed to changing the world they live in from the Middle East and North Africa?
* Do you like to take part in debates and interactive workshops? If you answered yes to any of these questions then we want to meet you and welcome you to our conference! We anticipate that demand to attend the day will be high and we want to select those who will both contribute most to and gain from the day.

Therefore we'd like to hear from you first:

Please come up with a creative way to show your enthusiasm for the day and its themes! Please submit your entry to your teacher who will forward them to UNESCO. Your entry could be a poem, a photo collage, song lyrics, a short film uploaded onto youtube - it is up to you.

Any questions please e mail Emily Miller who is coordinating the event on emily.miller [at] (emily.miller [at]

Deadline for submission May 6th

‘Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed’.

Deze gedachte vormt de essentie van de missie van Unesco. Unesco-scholen ondersteunen deze missie: ze maken hun leerlingen vertrouwd met het Unesco-gedachtegoed en dragen zo hun steentje bij aan vrede en verdraagzaamheid. De Unesco-scholen hebben een eigen website:

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